Welcome to the KICC Web Page

Welcome to the web site for the Kansas Interdisciplinary Carbonate Consortium (KICC).

The Kansas Interdisciplinary Carbonates Consortium is a research and training program specializing in carbonate sediments, rocks and reservoirs.  The program is housed in the Department of Geology at the University of Kansas, and benefits from interactions with the staff of the Tertiary Oil Recovery Project (TORP) and the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS).  The program’s focus is on fundamental and applied research on carbonates including the following:

  • Facies distribution and architecture of Holocene carbonates
  • Sequence stratigraphic controls on facies distribution in carbonates
  • Carbonate diagenetic controls on porosity and permeability
  • Geologic reservoir modeling of carbonate systems and reservoirs
  • Geophysical signatures of porosity, fractures, fluids, and facies in carbonates
  • Geobiology, sedimentology and geochemistry of fine-grained carbonates and oil shales
  • Enhanced oil recovery/CO2 sequestration

For more information on this web page, please contact Gene Rankey (grankey@ku.edu)

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